Garden Water Feature

Take a look at our latest garden water feature

We’ve really enjoyed redesigning and extending an existing pond into this stunning garden water feature. We have to say that natural stone ponds are one of our favourites! 

Garden Ezee Natural Stone Garden Water Feature

A beautiful natural stone water garden, full of interesting elements and detail

We don’t think anything can quite transform a landscape like a garden water feature. Designed to attract wildlife too, our natural stone ponds look good in new, or well established gardens. This latest one was designed to our customer’s specifications. Built to the Garden Ezee Swindon landscaping expertise, and our extensive knowledge of garden water feature construction.

Garden Water Feature Construction

We like to use quarried Horton Stone – a sedimentary rock formed in the Jurassic period. The rare colour qualities of this stone ranges from a warm light brown though to brown-purple; from grey and green to various shades of mauve and blue. It is noted for its hard wearing properties.  Also its ease of working. No wonder architects and artists have admired and used it for centuries.

Garden Water Feature Custom Additions


1. Waterfall

Garden Ezee Swindon Garden Water Feature Design

The sound of water over rock is among nature’s most enchanting symphonies

This not only looks good, but will also help to oxygenate the water.

In addition, the soothing cascade of moving water provides a natural rhythm of background music. This helps mask traffic noise etc and can reduce unwanted sound pollution.




2. Pond Bridge

Garden Ezee Water Feature Design- Timber Bridge

This wooden bridge construction contrasts well. It adds height and another dimension of interest.

It provides a link for wandering and exploring the garden. It also creates a great viewpoint to watch fish, frogs, dragonflies and other habitat thrive.



Thinking of adding a garden water feature?

If you are interested in creating sound and movement in your garden, take a look at  Garden Ezee constructed water features.

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