Garden Makeover Ideas to sell your home

Garden Ezee Swindon has a range of garden makeover ideas to sell your home. 

Planning to put your property on the market in the Spring? Now is the time to start thinking ahead on how best you can showcase your home to potential purchasers. Many vendors put all their energy into focusing on the interior of the house. Cleaning, painting, repairing etc. But your garden is just as important. A little work and investment in the New Year could mean not only a quick sale, but a higher market price. Garden makeovers help to bring added value to your property. They can also give you a competitive edge over similar homes on the market. 

We’ve come up with a few suggestions for garden makeover ideas to sell your home.

Front garden ‘kerb appeal’ – Landscaping is the first impression people will have of your house. This first impression can make or break a sale. One of my top garden makeover ideas to sell your home – make sure your front garden has the right kerb appeal.  To attract potential purchasers, keep it tidy and well presented. Low maintenance is popular. Adding decorative aggregates such as pebbles, slate and shingle, will instantly transform. So will artificial grass. Competitively priced to create an immediate lush, green, low maintenance lawn. Depending on the size, a new artificial lawn, on average, can be fitted in one day.

Premium Parking – Another of our key garden makeover ideas to sell your home is to create parking. In urban areas where parking is at a premium, a parking space can add value. Potential purchasers may be put off having to pay for parking permits and search endlessly for street parking. Garden Ezee can advise on design and materials to use, such as block paving or stone etc. 

Rear Garden Sanctuary – Rather than an untidy, unkempt, messy back garden, open your purchaser’s eyes to your garden’s potential with good landscaping.

Garden Makeover ideas to sell your homeDecking, paths & patios will create a neat appearance, linking your home and garden. An ‘extension’ too – offering an outdoor living space for al fresco dining. Or a chill out zone – strategically placed, to capture the best of the sunshine. Replace tatty fencing with a smart new timber boundary. It will instantly tidy up your garden adding privacy and security. Use decorative fencing to conceal unsightly areas, or to hide washing lines and wheelie bins.

Garden Ezee Makeover Ideas to sell your home - Water Feature designed by Abracadabra Garden Design

Add a water feature. There is no better way of relaxing than to listen to the sound of tranquil running water. Great too for masking noise. Especially if you live near a motorway, an industrial estate or in a busy town. It doesn’t have to be a pond either. A standalone water feature will look just as stunning. Garden lighting will offer another instant dimension creating mood areas for dramatic, or subtle, effects. 

Of course, after using the Garden Ezee garden makeover ideas to sell your home, you might decide you have your own ‘forever garden’ and not want to move after all!

‘Should I stay or should I go’? Not sure? Well give us a call on 07810 825689 or use our web contact form. We’ll talk through some ideas to help you decide and maximise your garden’s potential. Our design and planning service is free of charge. We can also show you some examples of gardens we have transformed.

Once you’ve moved then we will be more than happy to visit your new house and garden and start all over again!


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